According to our motto, "Your Partner to Study in Turkey", Turknesia is a pre-university educational institution that has a major interest in student placement services abroad, especially in Turkey. Established in 2017, Turknesia is at the forefront of holistic services for prospective students who will continue their higher education in Turkey from undergraduate to postgraduate levels in various interests and majors.

Understanding the complexity of the education entry system in Turkey, our education advisors who are experienced in the world of higher education and foreign relations have prepared student candidates from Indonesia for early adaptation in Turkey. For prospective students to be guided, counselors provide initial consultancy in department selection and administrative preparation before the typical university selection process in Turkey takes place.

Turknesia provides complete services from the time prospective students are accepted at selected universities in Turkey and prepare for departure, language preparation programs until students start studying in Turkey with safe and comfortable learning equipment.

Turknesia ensures that being a student according to his choice of university in Turkey is a bridge to achieve a successful career in the future, considering that universities in Turkey are one of the world's leading higher education institutions with legendary European higher education standards.

Choosing Turknesia to be your child's education partner is the right choice because we work professional with our bold expertise and experiences. More than that, Turknesia is a professional family that assists Indonesian student in starting careers at world-class leading universities. Great lecture, with strong character planning and management, is our concern to transform Indonesia's young generation into a ‘’golden generation’’ who will lead the world through their expertise and professionalism.

  • Registration
  • Accompaniment
  • Placement


Your starting point for continuing your education in Turkey is through registration at a destination university in Turkey (university registration). Make sure you are interested in taking an advanced field of study that you are interested in or ask our counselors in Turknesia about the situation and choice of courses at the university if you need a more detailed explanation. Turkey is a leading country in the field of education with more than 160 public and private universities spread across various cities in Turkey.

The higher education system follows European Standards (Turkey is a signatory to the Bologna Accord) where the Higher Education learning process is standardized in more than 29 European countries. Participants have a standard educational process that is required to meet the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) qualification at educational levels that are recognized throughout Europe. This also makes it easier for students to conduct university student exchanges for educational and research development in the Erasmus + Scholarship scheme at all European universities.

3 Registration Paths

There are 3 registration paths to study at Turkish universities that prospective international students can take: the SAT requirements, the YOS, and the Administrative Pathway.

SAT requirements

Leading universities in Turkey (generally those in the top 20) require that prospective students have an SAT Score or Scholastic Aptitude Test - a standard measurement test usually used by universities in America and Europe to identify students' talents or abilities in solving problems that will be faced in education in Higher Education later.

Universities in Turkey that apply this SAT scoring requirement will ask for SAT scores from prospective students in addition to the general standard requirements such as accredited report cards and diplomas from SLA graduates who will apply to universities in Turkey. The SAT can be taken by students in Indonesia by following the test schedule and its location throughout the year which is announced to the public.

Several universities that require SAT scores for prospective students include METU, Hacettepe University, Ankara University, Marmara University, Izmir Yusec Technical University, Abdullah Gul University, Yildiz Technical University, Gaziantep University, and Yalova University.


The YÖS exam is a test specially implemented for foreign students (including Indonesians) who will enroll in a public university in Turkey. The test is held centrally and concurrently in Turkey and is administered by the Turkish Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). YÖS exam. contains a "Basic Learning Skills Test" which is similar to other tests for prospective students intending to be assessors to assess the abstract reasoning of prospective students.

Turknesia in collaboration with Inonu University and Yildiz Technical University - two of Turkey's leading public universities has successfully carried out the YÖS Exam in Jakarta. In 2018, the two universities held the YÖS Examination which was attended by professors who selected prospective public university students from Indonesia. Participants who pass the requested YÖS score will be immediately accepted by the university or an equivalent university in Turkey that can receive a test score from Yildiz and Inonu universities. The results of this test can be accepted at more than 30 public universities in Turkey.


Several public universities in Turkey have collaborated and implemented quotas for prospective international students by only showing the national education achievement files where the prospective students are. So, candidates are selected by the university council based on / UN scores (if any), diploma scores, and 6 (six) semester academic reports owned by prospective students. Universities can graduate candidates by looking at the entire study record while in SLA and providing a graduation letter (LoA) after the file selection process is complete and students are declared accepted in the chosen department - based on the existing quota.

Universities that accept file programs through Turknesia include: Erciyes University, Kahramanmaras University, Ankara Yeldirim Beyazit University, Bartin University, Omer Halisdemir University, Canakkale University, Nekmettin Erbakan University and others

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Consultation and accompaniment are the two main programs in Turknesia. We know that studying abroad requires certain adjustments for Indonesian students. Studying in Turkey - a country of 4 seasons, with different socio-cultural conditions, requires support for early adaptation for students from Indonesia. In this transformation, it is not uncommon for students or new students to experience what is called a "cultural shock" (cultural shock), partly because of differences in way of life, socialization, types of food, culture, or even different climates. For this reason, the Turknesia team has prepared a mentoring provision consisting of various programs:

  1. Assistance in file management before departure.

    Personal and school data files, completeness of trips abroad (especially Student Visas), and document equivalents are important parts of pre-departure assistance.

  2. Early Socialization Assistance

    Socialization assistance in language, organization, and activities on campus and off-campus while students are in Turkey, including housing arrangements, residence permits for students, and initial socialization at universities are the most important parts of student programs to support the initial learning process in Turkey.

  3. Health Assistance.

    One of the most important things for international students in Turkey is health management and the response when sick comes. The Turknesia Health Team, which consists of a team of professional doctors, provides special health assistance that runs from the start before leaving with special interviews per person to find out the overall health status. Furthermore, the team works 24 hours 7 days to receive health complaints and respond quickly with available drug supplies so that students can maintain their health.

  4. Psychological Assistance.

    Naturally, during the adjustment period, students must adapt to a variety of adjustments both physically and physically in the adaptation process. When it is necessary for students to experience disturbances at certain stages that interfere with their learning process, the Turknesia team assists professional psychologists so that personal problems that arise can be overcome and do not interfere with the learning process.

  5. Language Learning Assistance.

    Language assistance is carried out by the Turknesian Language team for 1 (one) year or 5 levels of certification where new students can adapt quickly to learning a new, relatively foreign language. Turkish language through TOMER (Language Center) is required for new students before the department learning process is carried out in semester III for Turkish-speaking universities (generally). Team also directs students to be able to take English exams if the university uses English as the language of instruction.

This is what we call holistic mentoring in the learning process, and this is our concern so that Indonesian students can adapt and excel, maintain their health and build their character during the adjustment process. Our mentoring program is determined to last for a maximum of 1 (one) year from when students register for the program through Turknesia.


Placement is the final process in the student admission process since he registers as a student candidate at the university. Application for registration via the SAT, YÖS, and files will ultimately lead to admission to the student at the selected campus. If the applicant agrees with the major he has chosen, the student placement process will take place. At least it will go through several stages:

  1. Announcement of Acceptance.

The university will announce its admissions at least after the closing of the registration period on the schedule that has been determined. Applicants consisting of prospective students, both domestic and foreign/international, will then receive a Pass / Fail notification in the new student admission filter announced online through the university's public account and also on the applicant's email will be given notification of legal acceptance via LoA (Letter of Acceptance) from the campus.

If a prospective student is declared to have passed, then he or she has officially the right to become a new student at the university and a further process is required in the form of re-registration with a specified period.

  1. Re-registration..

The university will ask new students to re-register according to the schedule. Students who do not register will provide opportunities for those admitted into the reserved category. In Turkey, this is common because selection participants can be accepted as students at once at two or more different universities, and it allows participants to choose a major according to their interests until the re-registration period is declared closed/complete.

  1. Residence Preparation.

Furthermore, for students who have made their choice at certain universities and in certain cities, student residences must be prepared before the enrollment.

Several types of housing can be chosen for students at public universities in Turkey, including joining government student dormitories around the campus, rental apartments/houses around the campus, or private lodgings that are usually owned by religious education institutions/foundations in Turkey. Turknesia helps new students to determine a suitable location and type of house so that learning and social activities can take place as desired.