The series of programs covered by the Turknesia service in Indonesia before leaving for Turkey consists of:


  1. University entrance examinations (YOS) in Indonesia. Partnering with Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul and Inonu University, Malatya
  2. Registration to the University through the SAT, YOS, and File pathways
  3. Administrative handling of student files in the form of diplomas and other documents in English and Turkish
  4. Management of Student Visas at the Turkish Embassy
  5. Processing of Diploma Equalization Documents through a notary in Indonesia, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Religion, the Ministry of Law & Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Turkish Embassy in Jakarta
  6. Pre-TOMER Tutoring for 3 (three) months by the Turknesia team before going to Turkeydaring) oleh team Turknesia sebelum keberangkatan ke Turki
  7. Providing debriefing/information for participants and parents before participants go to Turkey
  8. Psychological and medical examination/training by professional doctors and psychologists before heading to Turkey
  9. Medical examination, psychological consultation in the initial 6 months mentoring in Turkey
  10. Provision of Airplane Tickets Jakarta - Istanbul (Turkey)
  11. Provision of Travel Insurance in Flights to Turkey
  12. Final briefing and departure via Soekarno Hatta International Airport


After arriving in Istanbul students will re-register at the university, prepare dormitories and take part in the mentoring program by the Turknesia Team in Turkey which includes the provision of:After arriving in Istanbul students will re-register at the university, prepare dormitories and take part in the mentoring program by the Turknesia Team in Turkey which includes the provision of:

  1. Pick up by the Turkish Team at Istanbul Airport and join the Istanbul City-Tour program
  2. Provision of transportation from Istanbul to the city where the university is located
  3. Management of re-registration to the university with administrative / filing arrangements under university regulations
  4. Assistance and arrangement of housing selection for students in the selected location and according to student needs
  5. Provision of all file translation processes in the form of transcripts and diplomas into Turkish and English
  6. Administrative arrangements and filing that require validity requirements through a notary in Turkey
  7. Arrangement and financing of all the process of making a residence permit for students in Turkey (IKAMET)
  8. Provision of health insurance for 1 (one) year for students while in Turkey
  9. Provision of guidance and membership registration for PPI (Indonesian Students Association) in Turkey for 1 (one) year
  10. Programmed assistance for 6 months in adjusting the start of lectures in Turkey - according to the Indonesian Embassy / Consulate General's policy for new students in Turkey
  11. Assistance and tutoring for Turkish language learning by Turknesia to complete the TOMER learning/certification until the final level
  12. Joint program of year-end holidays/ski lessons at Erciyes Mountain Ski Resort - Kayseri.
  13. Provide health consultation (doctor on standby) for 24 hours 7 days during the mentoring period and provide psychological consultation when there are health / psychological problems during the mentoring/accompaniment period
  • 01.Consultation

    Participants with graduation documents are enrolled in selected universities in Turkey through the Turknesia program series. Here, consultation on the selection of majors at several State Universities is being held.
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    After the selection of university’s majors and universities is confirmed, participants prepare to enter 3 paths of university registration with SAT completeness, take the YOS exam or submit documents to the university by Turknesia.
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    After registration at several targeted universities, according to the schedule, the university will announce the acceptance of international students according to the quota. Passed participants will receive a Letter of Acceptance (LoA).
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    LoA will be the basic material for the issuance of Student VISA in the preparation of all re-registration files and departing to Turkey. All documents will be prepared with the Turknesia team so that there are no errors in verifying university documents.
  • 05.Accompaniment

    Arriving in Turkey, the Turknesia team will accompany re-registration, housing preparation, initial socialization with the socio-environment, and language learning until lecture takes place. Accompaniment program was carried out for 6 months.